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Founded in 2007, Oakhurst Insurance specialises only in short term insurance. And it’s our goal to give you a policy that exactly fits your needs, tailor made for you.

We’ve got a range of business and personal policy options here at Oakhurst. On the personal front we’re happy to insure your home or your vehicle, or even both!

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We offer comprehensive insurance, pay per kilometre insurance (so you only pay to be insured for the exact distance you drive), or total loss insurance (our budget friendly option to help customers with financed vehicles). And we’ll insure your caravan or motorcycle too!

But most of all we provide flexibility, letting you decide what you need and don’t need in a policy. Plus, our handy mobile app will let you control your policy from the palm of your hand. At Oakhurst we believe in delivering what you need, so find your perfect policy today!

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