Make Money

Do you know people in the car services industry (anyone who owns a garage, panel beaters, car audio store and so on)?
If you do, then you have a chance to not only help them, but to also make some money!

How Does this work?
1. Contact Us and let us know that you have friends in the car business.
2. We’ll send you a brochure* about our services so you can send them to your friends.
3. Send the brochure to your friends.
4. If one of them signs up through one of the paid listing plans, you get R100. If 2 of them sign up, you get R200 and so on.**

* The brochure contains a coupon code that gives them an additional free month, but it also lets us know that you were the one who sent them.
** Payment is made 40 days after they have listed by bank transfer. (the "Website") and/or its' owners, workers and affiliates, are not a financial services provider and do not represent any of the companies, services and or offers shown on the Website. All content on the website is for informational purposes only and does in no way constitute legal, financial or any other form of advice or invitation to take or refrain from any action.‚Äč

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